Teacher Appreciation Month

Every May, The Keystone School takes time to recognize our teachers, as part of Teacher Appreciation week. During this time, I take time to reflect on why I became a teacher. I think back to my teachers and those that influenced my choice to enter the world of education. I believe that each student has or can find that one teacher who truly makes a difference. Whether it’s the subject area that helps your student connect, or just the way in which the teacher responds that appeals to your student. I hope that each of our Keystone students are able to find that one teacher here at Keystone who makes a difference in their educational journey. If your student is hesitant to reach out and make connections, please help them to take that step forward. Encourage them to pick a teacher, just one, and share a bit more about themselves. These personal connections can really help your student to feel a deeper connection with our school. The more we know about your students and their educational experiences and challenges, the more we can help to focus our support.
If you and your student have found that one teacher who has made a difference, be sure to take time and thank them for it!

Erica Rhone
Keystone Head of School