Alumni Stories


Matt has been with Keystone since the 8th grade. Graduating in 2016, he has been accepted to the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston. Matt is an actor / singer-songwriter who’s career started at the age of 7. Matt credits Keystone with allowing him to pursue his acting and music career, while still receiving an excellent education through Keystone. Matt says, “Because of Keystone, I was able to do school around my crazy schedule and work at my own pace.” Matt has achieved many goals while at Keystone! He has extensive TV and film credits (for a complete list, check out his IMDB page) and has been in four Broadway shows, along with many regional productions across the United States. He was a 2016 YoungArts winner, performing his original song “Addicted to You” live at the New World Center in Miami Florida. Matt plays over 10 instruments and just released his first single “Subway Rider” with an EP release coming on June 30th, 2016. “It would have been impossible to accomplish any of this, if not for Keystone.” says Matt. Check out Matt’s website at





Noalani Hendricks

Noalani graduated from The Keystone School in 2014 and is currently a sophomore at Cedar Crest College in Allentown, Pennsylvania.  At Cedar Crest, Noalani is majoring in English and Global Studies and minoring in History and Spanish.  She is also the president of the Diversity Council Organization and is a member of the History Club, Amnesty International, Muslim Student Association, and the Cultural Connections Club.  Noalani chose Cedar Crest because her mother went there and believes her Keystone education truly helped prepare her for college.

Noalani remembers her Keystone experience positively.  She recounts that at first it was a bit challenging to stay motivated and on-task but added that things become much easier once you get into a routine—she was even able to finish many of her courses early.  She encourages current Keystone students to take advantage of the practice they are now getting for college.  In college you work independently which is exactly what you do at Keystone.  Noalani feels as though she has an edge over her current peers because the traditional school setting is much more guided.  She knows when to ask her professors for help and is not afraid to do so.  She also feels as though the discussion board assignments were extremely helpful and urges current students not to view them as an inconvenience but to really invest time and effort into your responses as discussions are a huge part of many college courses.

Noalani also stresses the importance of studying a second language.  She explained that Cedar Crest College it a requirement to study abroad, as are many other colleges/universities.  This summer Noalani will be traveling to Guatemala and plans to study in South Korea her junior year.

After graduation Noalani wants to join the Peace Corps and then attend graduate school for International History.  She dreams of one day working for the United Nations or in government.



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