Keystone’s Online KAL Program: A flexible fit for adults seeking a high school diploma


There are many reasons why people leave high school without a diploma. Some students, for example, miss several days, or even weeks, of school due to illness, moves or family issues. They fall behind and never catch back up.

Others think that earning a GED will be quicker and easier than going to class every day.

Poor grades may discourage a student, who simply decides to quit; and there are people who just don’t like school.

More important than the decision to leave school, however, is the decision to go back. Beginning on Jan. 23, 2017, the Keystone School is giving adults who want to earn their high school diploma the flexibility to finish high school from home.

Why does an adult need a high school diploma?

The first reason is simple: money. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, a high school graduate can earn, on average, over $185 more each week than someone who doesn’t have a diploma — that’s $9,620 a year. That’s extra income that any person could use.

Opportunities like attending college and work promotions become real possibilities. More of life’s doors start to open.

Pride plays a role, too. A high school diploma is a big moment in all of our lives. Reaching that goal is a genuine achievement, regardless of age.

“The benefits are significant,” says Elizabeth Jones, Keystone’s Deputy Head of School, Adult Learning. “Adults with a high school diploma have a higher income potential and can be proud that they reached such an important milestone.”

How does someone find time for school if they’re busy working or raising a family?

Many hard-working adults want to earn their high school diploma but have a difficult time seeing when they’ll have the time. They already struggle with long hours, uncertain schedules and tough commutes just to earn a living each day.

Keystone’s Adult Learning (KAL) program, however, offers the flexibility to fit into busy lives.


  • School is always in session. The KAL program is online and students can work on their courses at any time. If 2 p.m. or 2 a.m. is the best time to get schoolwork done, KAL offers that flexibility.
  • The student chooses the courses to take — and not to take. Students can take as many or as few KAL classes as they want. When someone wants to earn that high school degree, she can dive into KAL’s Standard Pathway with a full course load that includes core subjects, electives and world languages — or just take one or two courses at a time. Can the student do this on the standard pathways? If yes, okay
  • Some students can even accelerate. If a student has a long work history, earned 12 or more high school credits in the past and is highly motivated to get a diploma fast, she can choose KAL’s Accelerated Pathway. A student can earn a high school degree in a year or less in the Accelerated Pathway program. Is this true? If yes , okay

“Keystone’s flexibility allows adult learners to create a plan that meets their specific needs,” Ms. Jones says. “They can do school work after their day job ends, or after they put their children to bed at night. The flexibility is a key benefit to Keystone’s Adult Learning program. It can be overwhelming to think of going back if an adult has been out of school for quite some time — but Keystone has the option for students to only enroll in one or two courses to get started. This can help adult learners take small, but important steps toward reaching their goal of earning a high school diploma.”

How do students get the work done?

On any given day, an adult student can work on assignments, email teachers, administrators or advisors or ask instructors coursework questions.

“Teachers are available to support adult learners when they have questions — they only need to reach out their teacher by phone or email to request assistance,” Ms. Jones notes. “Student Services are also available to assist with non-academic questions. Keystone’s guidance counselors can assist with the college application process or answer questions regarding college or career planning.”

Since the program is flexible — adults can enroll at any time of the year and complete courses on their own schedule — there may be some days when students just don’t have time for schoolwork. That’s fine, too.

How do students pay for the program?

Keystone offers a generous tuition payment program for adult learners. If a student needs to pay incrementally, KAL will work to make sure that happens.

Does this diploma “count” as much as a traditional high school diploma?

Some people may be hesitant to pursue a high school diploma as an adult because of the concern that, for whatever reason, achieving a degree later in life is somehow worth less to a college or an employer. This is not true.

Your options are not limited by a diploma from Keystone’s Adult Learning program — they expand significantly. An adult who earns a Keystone high school diploma has met the same requirements that any of our traditional students must achieve, as well. There is no difference in quality.

In fact, Keystone graduates generally meet college entrance requirements and have a strong history of acceptance into post-secondary programs.

Where can adults who want to earn a high school diploma get more information about the KAL program?

For more information on the Keystone Adult Learning Program or to enroll today, visit Keystone online at or call 1-844-363-5206 today.



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