Resources and Tools at Keystone

Keystone has a number of tools and resources available to both you and your students to help make your educational experience with us a successful one. Take a look at the Resource and Orientation Center and Guidance Services Resource Center in your student’s online classroom and you will find a wealth of information.  You will also find a number of resources at

We take pride in listening to you, as parents, and working to develop resources and tools that you find to be helpful. You will notice that during your time with Keystone, we will ask either you or your student to complete surveys; at the completion of the Strong Start program, at the completion of each course, on a yearly basis through an annual customer satisfaction survey and at various times throughout the year. While I understand that answering these questions may seem repetitive, the questions we are asking are there to help us improve our support for your experience. If completing surveys is not your cup of tea, then feel free to connect with another member of the Keystone staff and let them know you wish to provide some feedback. This feedback allows the Keystone staff to step back and reassess the tools, services and support we are providing and work on making necessary adjustments to make your experience even better.



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